The Healthereum Utility Tokens are intended STRICTLY to be used to access the functionalities of the Healthereum Platform.

The Healthereum Utility Tokens are not being offered for sale but used as part of its “Platform Launch” to onboard users of the Healthereum Platform.

The “Platform Launch” is part of a global marketing campaign to bring attention to the Healthereum Platform.

The Healthereum Security Token is separate from the Utility token. The Security Token Sale (Offering) is in compliance with Securities and Exchange Regulations and through Healthereum LLC, a Wyoming company. The Security Token represents shares of Healthereum and gives the owner the right to dividends of Healthereum.

The publication of certain materials such as this “Whitepaper” and “Roadmap”, is SOLELY intended to bring awareness to the Platform and Healthereum’s vision for the future of the Platform. The publication is NOT intended to equate this “Platform Launch” with a “traditional ICO”. Rather, it is included merely to present Healthereum’s vision in an easily digestible format for potential Users who are familiar with Blockchain and Digital Ledger Technologies.

Healthereum will enforce policies on Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Client (KYC), Combating Terrorist Financing (CTF) as well as sanctions monitoring. Enforcement of these policies will allow Healthereum to assess and manage associated risks of digital currencies.

Healthereum is fully committed to comply with local, state, federal, and international regulations and laws to combat money laundering and terrorist financing by performing appropriate screening and other actions such as risk rating and transaction monitoring. Concurrently, Healthereum respects the privacy of its users and participants of the Security Token Sale. The Security Token Sale will not be used to enable money laundering, commit terrorist financing or fraud, or allow for illegal activities.

To fully comply with stated guidelines, Healthereum supports an updated AML and KYC standard. The goals are to identify and prevent criminal acts and adhere to Financial Action Task Force (FATF) standards. The AML KYC design is based on the best practices for KYC in Mobile Payments and Internet-based Payments Services according to the FATF Guidance on Risk-Based Approach (RBA) issued in 2013 as well as the FATF Guidance on RBA for Virtual Currencies issued in 2015.

Healthereum strictly requires the following identity information from participants of any Security Token Sale: passport or other government identification, selfie picture, verification of residence, and possible other supporting documents.

Healthereum also strictly prohibits individuals, companies and countries that are named on prescribed sanctions lists from participating in a Security Token Sale.