Healthereum Makes Progress in Quality Care Surveys, a Blockchain-based Incentivization System for the Healthcare Industry

(PRWEB) May 18, 2018
Healthereum, LLC is a healthcare blockchain company developing applications to improve healthcare processes and lower care costs. One important aspect of healthcare is the use of “surveys” to measure delivery of quality care. Every hospital must use them, and these surveys are reported to Medicare and other insurance companies. The surveys are completed by patients after a provider-patient or hospital-patient visit (encounter) occurs. However, survey response rates are poor. Healthereum has developed a blockchain application tool to improve the current delivery of surveys and acquisition of data. How is this done?
Healthereum creates smart contracts for every encounter and placed on the blockchain. Upon completion of the encounter, a care quality survey is immediately sent to the patient’s smart phone. The patients can immediately complete the survey for a token reward. Why a token reward? The blockchain allows for incentivization. The token reward may be used by the patient for future services. Rewarding those who complete the survey is the same motif for appointments. Appointments? Yes, when a patient shows up to an office visit, a token is rewarded. Rewarding healthy behavior is the core backbone of Healthereum.
Healthereum solves patient no-shows by using the carrot and not the stick. For medical appointments, no show rates are as high as 20%. Fancy restaurants have a no-show rate of only 5%. Missed medical appointments not only decrease the likelihood of positive health outcomes, which ultimately increases their individual healthcare costs, but no-shows also incur both time and financial losses for the healthcare provider. Consequently, “no-shows” are a “no-win” situation.
Healthereum’s decentralized, Ethereum-based applications are created to reinforce patient accountability. Healthereum is establishing a broad network of products and services that support an individualized approach to patient health.
Presently, Healthereum has created a minimal viable product addressing care surveys. Members of Healthereum will be attending the Los Angeles Crypto Health Summit May 21-22. For further information regarding Healthereum’s benefits, please visit our website:

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