The HELIO app connects directly to the Healthereum network. There are no accounts or usernames with the HELIO app. Instead, you will have a “portfolio” where you will store your HLTH reward Tokens. The HELIO Portfolio is the equivalent of the digital wallet which exists on the internet and holds the Digital rewards Tokens. Follow these steps to get started: If this is your first time using the HELIO app, simply choose Create Portfolio to start. Create a 4 digit PIN. Confirm the PIN. The app shows you 12 different words in separate pages. This is your Paper Key. Tap on X if you would like to skip this step. You can perform this later via the app’s Profile – settings – passphrase. Write Down Paper Key and Tap Next after writing down the words. IMPORTANT: Make sure that you write the Paper Key down in the correct order and keep it secure as this is the only way to restore your HELIO wallet. The app will ask you to confirm random words from your Paper Key. Click Submit after entering the requested words. NOTE: If you have used the HELIO app before and would like to use the same wallet, choose Recover portfolio on the main page and prepare to enter the Paper Key for the wallet you would like to restore. Visit this page for help on recovering a wallet.

The HELIO app requires you to set a PIN to secure your wallet, separate from your device passcode. You will be required to enter this PIN to use the HELIO app, which keeps your portfolio private even if you let someone use your phone or if your phone is stolen by someone who knows your device passcode. Do not forget your wallet PIN! It can only be reset by using your Paper Key. If you forget your PIN and lose your Paper Key, your portfolio will be lost.

A paper key consists of 12 randomly generated words. The app creates the paper key for you automatically when you start a new wallet. The paper key is critically important and should be written down and stored in a safe location. Never take screenshots of your paper key as this can be stolen if someone gains access to your device. In the event of phone theft, destruction, or loss, the paper key can be used to recover your wallet onto a new phone. The key is also required when upgrading your current phone to a new one. To find your paper key follow these steps: On the main screen, tap on Menu. Select Security Settings. Tap on Paper Key. Tap on Write Down Paper Key Again. Enter your PIN and you will be shown each word in your paper key on separate pages.

The HELIO app connects directly to the Healthereum network, where your wallet is stored. The “keys” to access your wallet are securely stored in your phone and nowhere else. The HELIO app will provide you with a unique “Paper Key,” which is a list of 12-words which can be used to recreate the keys to your wallet. If you ever lose or upgrade your phone,this “Paper Key” is required to regain access to your HEALTH Tokens. Please write down each word, in the order shown, on a piece of paper. We recommend storing your Paper Key in a safe place . Anyone who has your Paper Key can access your wallet and the Healthereum App, even if they don’t have your wallet PIN, so keep it private and don’t show it to others!

Every time you create a new portfolio with HELIO, you are provided with a “Paper Key”, which is a list of 12 words that can be used to restore access to your portfolio if you ever lose or upgrade your phone. You can also use your Paper Key to reset your wallet PIN if you forget it. If you have incorrectly entered your PIN several times, you will be able to reset your PIN using your paper key. Enter the 12 words from your Paper Key in the correct order, and you will be able to choose a new PIN.


HELIO Tasks are actions that get rewards. There are appointment tasks and survey tasks. If you act on these tasks in the agreed manner, you will be entitled to earn rewards in the form of HEALTH Tokens.

There are currently two types of tasks that you can participate in and get rewarded in HEALTH : Promise to Show Task and Participate in Survey Task.

A Promise to Show Task essentially means that you are willing to make a commitment to show up for a scheduled appointment. This you show by way of funding the appointment with your tokens. This results in 4 possible outcomes: 1.You show up as promised and get rewarded by the provider. 2.You don’t show-up and you forfeit your tokens. 3.You cancel your appointment ahead of time and your tokens will be returned back to your wallet. 4.You reschedule the appointment and the tokens will be used to fund the new appointment date.

When your visit is confirmed by the providers office, a survey may be sent to your mobile device. Based on the criteria defined for the survey you will stand to earn rewards in the form of HEALTH. The criteria could specifiy the minimum number of questions you need to answer and also the time period within which the survey need to be completed. Both these criteria can be found on the Survey list page.

You shall be able to see the outstanding tasks when you re-install the HELIO app on a new or existing device, provided you use the same portfolio keys that you have used to interact with your providers.


Surveys are sent to you from your Provider and serve as another layer of engagement for an overall better healthcare service. If Surveys are completed within the allotted time, tokens will be rewarded from your Provider.

NO. The survey has a certain number of questions that are required to submit. Once the required number of questions have been answered, the SUBMIT button will appear. At this moment, you may submit or continue until the end of the survey.

1.The red To Do circle is for the number of new surveys that need attention. 2.The InProgress circle is for the number of surveys that are currently open and have not been completed. 3.The Completed circle is for the number of surveys that have been completed.


Rewards are micro payments in the form of HEALTH Tokens for completing Task.

HEALTH is the Healthereum utility token that powers the ecosystem.


The Profile is where you will manage all the customizable features of the app.

In Settings you can do the following : 1.Set the FingerPrint Authentication for logging in with you fingerprint. 2.See your Portfolio Restore Words. 3.Set whether your EID Card is visible publicly. 4.See software and legal information about the app. 5.See the Knowledgebase. 6.Report any issues with the app.

This is where you can add a profile photo to the app from your cameras library.


Messages are communications from your Provider.

If the message has a task, then the completed task may come with Tokens if completed.


The Emergency Identification Card, or EID Card, is for displaying vital information for emergency response situations. The EID Card can be accessed from the Login page by first responders.

In the Cards section, you can add your Insurance cards. Once you have entered your card(s), by turning on the Primary card toggle, this will make the card available from the EID Card section.

Here you will find all the forms that your Provider requires for checking in.

This is where you can store and share all your personal medical records.

This is where you enter your medications and set alerts.

This is where you will enter your Medical Record Number (MRN) and Access Code to connect to your Providers.



A user’s data is encrypted with private keys from the moment it enters the Helio app and lives on a HIPPA compliant Cloud service provider. Only a user can decrypt their data with their private keys, or share their data, as all personal data belongs to the user. A user’s data can only be retrieved with the private keys it was encrypted with, and if the private keys are lost, so will the data associated to that private keys.


The Calendar is where all of your appointments are managed.

Red is an appointment that needs attention. Yellow is an appointment that needs no further attention for the moment. Green is appointment that is completed.

Present the QR Code for a selected appointment when checking in for the appointment.

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