Reward and Survey Dapp Trial for Consumer and Provider

  1. Login as a Provider by clicking the link Demo as Provider
  2. To schedule an appointment:
    1. Copy public key:
      for Patient
    2. Enter the reward tokens the Patient will be rewarded for followup encounter
    3. Enter the date of the encounter
      1. Create appointment
      2. The appointment has already been FUNDed by Provider
      3. The appointment will display Fund status. Funding must also occur by the Patient
    4. On the actions, Reschedule same appointment
    5. Cancel appointment
    6. Confirm if Patient shows up or No Show if Patient does not (the token balances on the top right hand corner of the screen indicate the token transfers and balances that occur.)
  3. Login as the Consumer (Patient) by clicking the link Demo as Patient
  4. The encounter that was scheduled by the Provider is viewable on the Calendar view
  5. Click the link to FUND the appointment that was previously created. The appointment was already FUNDed by Provider.
    1. The Provider may perform several actions depending on Patient status (Reschedule, Cancel, Confirm, No Show)
    2. Confirm will reward the patient X HEALTH while also returning Patient’s escrowed FUND
    3. No Show will refund the reward tokens to the Doctor and transfer the patients funds to the provider

Note: The ETH and HEALTH for this demo are for testing only and are not to be misconstrued as real cryptocurrency.
Appointments may be viewed on Etherscan by clicking the appointment.

We appreciate you trying out Miduso. Please feel free to provide us your feedback