The Healthereum Patient Experience Platform is a full cycle communication tool offering healthcare providers a means to solve some of the critical needs in healthcare. Healthereum has created a patient incentivization program, and the more the program is used by patients, the faster the solutions are achieved for caregivers.

The Healthereum platform facilitates face-to-face care interactions, improves ongoing patient feedback, promotes constant care engagement after a visit, allows participation in care insurance benefits, streamlines quality metric educational messages, and enables easy storage and sharing of medical record data. Healthereum facilitates interoperability of electronic health record (EHR) systems.



Healthereum incentivizes healthy behavior. Status of appointments is recorded and attendance is rewarded HEALTH tokens. The tokens accumulate as individuals continue to demonstrate personal accountability of healthy lifestyles.

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Data analytics will reveal to providers the pattern of patient adherence to appointments. Moreover, the data will reveal behavior trends of patients at a granular level. This data may be used to modify scheduling to maximize providers’ time with patients. Patterns of no-shows may also be studied in real-time.


Pulse is a standalone questionnaire software solution that will enable the dynamic creation of care quality survey questions. Patients may give feedback on the care received as soon as a visit is completed leading to honest satisfaction scores. Questions may also be delivered to patients who fail to attend appointments. Robust results can be displayed immediately to interested parties.

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Global adoption of questionnaires will fill an unmet need. Once medical encounters are validated, the patients may rate their providers. The rating system will be a tool for patients to use to find the best provider in their community. Pulse analytics will allow the meaningful display of provider rankings, determined by actual patients, to the public.


Ongoing patient engagement will be feasible by using HPED. Reminders and tasks will be delivered to the patient’s mobile device for tailored care coordination messages in-between visits. Patients will be incentivized to achieve goals, and dynamic interactions between a provider and patient will lead to improved quality care benchmark scores. Benchmarks are achieved with less burden and time for caregivers.

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HPED will capture patient diagnoses with encounters and allow for deployment of patient centric tasks and reminders to aid providers in delivering value-based treatment algorithms. The data captured will allow for instant mapping of disease clusters and truly aid in population health management. Not only will mapping be displayed in user defined time frames but allow for real time tracking and progression of diseases. Finally, HPED analytics will allow for instant reporting of true cases globally. Disease analytics will also help government agencies target specific diagnoses for improved quality metric analysis. Improving value based medicine will be easier than ever.


Payment for healthcare services will be streamlined and verified by the receiver of care. Verification of services will be transparent for patients. Verify users will include patients, providers and hospitals to render a trustful claim to insurance companies. This will augment the current claims process, thus reducing fraud and streamlining payments.

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Verify allows patients to confirm health services billed are true and accurate. The verification of services allows the patient to participate as a team member for insurance billing. Analytics will reveal frequency of disputes and trends of honest billing. Analysis of disputes may be dissected further to determine if perception of care and actual care costs are congruent. This may help insurers and government agencies redefine, revalue, and improve payments. Verify will also encourage patients to take an active role in medical billing and take an active role in helping insurers and providers eliminate fraud.


HELIO, the Healthereum Life Portfolio, is a mobile application and the main patient user-interface to interact with all Healthereum products: Miduso, Pulse, HPED, Verify, and Medical Data. A scheduler is used to view, change, cancel, or confirm (Promise to Show) appointments. Messages from providers are presented for ongoing actionable care coordinated engagement tasks based on diagnoses. Questionnaires and patient verification of services are delivered after an encounter. Sending or receiving reward tokens is seamlessly integrated, and emergency identification information as well as insurance information is stored. Medical Data allows for the easy upload and storage of any medical item, such as forms, eye exams, immunizations, x-ray results, and laboratory data. The data can be easily shared with their providers. Finally, the patient owns their data! Alerts are also set for any medical reminders such as attending an appointment, taking medications, or completing provider generated tasks.

Helio users can store their medical data for quick access and share accordingly.


HELIO(S), the Healthereum Life Portfolio Syndicate, is the provider interface that is integrated with existing EHR systems and allows interoperability of EHRs. The HELIO(S) web application allows providers to create feedback questions, generate care messages or tasks, deliver quality metric educational messages, and view data analytics regarding appointments, surveys, tasks, and claims. Medical data transferred from a patient’s HELIO appear in HELIO(S) for easy access. Lastly, reward tokens are viewable and the flow is monitored.

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For Patients, we offer HELIO, the Healthereum Life Portfolio. To learn more, please watch the video.

For Providers, there is HELIO(S), the Helio Syndicate. To learn more, please watch the video.

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